Liposuction or lipoplasty is the most versatile interventions in the world of plastic surgery as well as it can be used in various segments of the body, it can act alone, in addition to certain surgeries or associated with other surgeries.

This is a procedure that is used in an appliance (vacuum cleaner that makes the suction) or syringe attached to a special cannula (stem) of metal that is inserted inside the fatty tissue in order to remove it. These tubes range from 2 to 5 mm thick, so the size of the scars is proportional to the thickness of the tubes used.

Usually the scars are placed in grooves or in hidden places such as pubic hair, navel, etc.., and with time become almost imperceptible. Initially, liposuction can be performed anywhere in the body that there is accumulation of fat, however, there are little vascularized regions (such as the ankles) or people with important structures (such as certain areas of the face) that do not allow us to treat them Therefore, roughly speaking, we can do liposuction of the knees to the neck.

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