Reduction mammaplasty or breast plastic surgery is one of the most common among the plastic surgery because, besides being given to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast, is also shown as a complementary resource in the prophylactic treatment of certain diseases of the breast (special cases) and how to prevent problems caused by very large breasts (lower back pain, for example).

Fortunately, this surgery allows us to put quite disguise the scars. Usually the scars are located in natural folds. In the case of breasts, are in sub-mammary groove and have the appearance of inverted "T". The incision is proportional to the volume and breadth of the breasts.

The scar is located around the areola is very natural due to their condition of color transition between the areola and normal skin. Over time, the scars are becoming quite noticeable, and even to near invisibility in certain cases.

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