Council publishes guidelines for plastic surgeons

Medical operation steps can register as consultations, examinations and risk alerts

CFM (Conselho Federal de Medicina) has issued a protocol to guide plastic surgeons. This is a document in which the professional will record every step of the procedure, from consultation to post-operative period, and recorded whether the patient informed about possible risks.

The completion of the document, for now, is optional, but the council's president, Robert Davila, said it could become mandatory, and even extend to other specialties. The goal is to improve information to patients and reduce complaints after surgery. The form must be signed by the physician and patient. Each will get a saw. The model is the site of the CFM:

"The document does not eliminate the risks of surgery, but they are reduced if we take such care, " says Antônio Gonçalves Pinheiro, the Technical Board of Plastic Surgery CFM. The move came after complaints from patients. Between 2006 and 2010, plastic surgery has risen from sixth to third place in the ranking process in the council.

The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery will also have a manual for professionals with guidance on duration and number of procedures in one surgery. There will be no quantitative limit. "Each case is unique, " says Sebastian Guerra, president of the organization. The publication is due out later in October.

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