Research on new cancer treatment wins award

The revelation comes from a study of Unicamp, who won the category "Oncology Research" Award Octavio Frias de Oliveira.

The awards ceremony takes place today and is an initiative of ICESP (Cancer Institute of São Paulo Octavio Frias de Oliveira), in partnership with Grupo Folha. Laura takes the name of the publisher of Folha, who died in 2007.

In the category "Personality Spotlight", won the oncologist Ricardo Brentani, 74, a leader of the Cancer Genome Project.

According to the director of ICESP, Paul Hoff, Brentani was elected by a committee of seven nominees. In the case of the study were assessed over 20 studies. Winners receive $ 8,000 each.

"It's a way to stimulate the national scientific production. The life of a researcher is very difficult," says Hoff.

Biochemical pathway

The study of Unicamp tested a new way to treat cancer, combining the drug metformin (for diabetes type 2) and paclitaxel (chemotherapy).

According to the oncologist José Barreto Campello, an author of the study, the therapy reduced the tumor in rodents.

"In animals treated with paclitaxel alone, the tumor was twice the size than those who received the combination of medications." Now, tests were started in humans.


One of the largest Brazilian oncologists with international scientific production, Ricardo Brentani earned a medical degree from USP in 1962.

Under his direction, the Cancer Hospital AC Camargo (SP) has become a benchmark in the country. Asked about his greatest achievement, he says: "Having married my wife." He and Maria Mitzi chemical have been married for 50 years.

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