Otoplasty or plastic surgery of protruding ears is surgery that aims to correct this defect that bothers both whom tem.As ears are one part of the human body that can bring the family stigma: "The child has the ear of the father or mother ". Often the protruding ears, the most common aesthetic defect is found in several family members and is a negative identification, mainly because they generate jokes in childhood, bringing as a consequence of deep scars on the child's behavior.

So is there an ideal age to make the surgical correction of protruding 5 to 7 years (called pre-school age), during which the ear is already fully formed and almost equal to the size of the adult. Moreover, because it is a pre-school at that stage the problems begin psychological.

Is to remake the natural folds dasorelhas and sometimes decrease the concha headset that is increased in size. All this work is always done from the back of the ears.

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