Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery of the nose and is the most traditional in the context of plastic surgery, is one that draws the most attention by the results, due to the fact alter the facial contour of (a) patient. It is one of the behaviors that evolved in more recent years, allowing current aesthetic and functional results, with preservation of the anatomical elements of the noble nose.

Is to remodel all the nasal structures alone or in combination which includes the back, the tip, the wings, the height and width of the nose.
There are virtually no visible scars on the nose surgery. This is because the incisions (cuts) are made ​​"inside the nose or in the grooves, therefore leave no trace apparent.

In special cases, when nostrils are treated, there are two small scars in the grooves between the wings and the face that with each passing week, they become almost imperceptible. In other cases, a small scar is placed in the "columella"(column dividing the two nostrils).

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