Rhytidectomyor facial plastic surgery or facelift surgery is one of the most sought after plastic surgery in an office. It is conduct that gives results quite natural since the surgeon and patient discuss in detail about the possible outcomes in the pre-operatório.Não is possible, through surgery, to transform a face 50 years in another 20.

While this may seem obvious, we are keen to emphasize, therefore, certain erroneous information is transmitted by lay people, causing some patients to believe in the possibility of doing "the clock" to be delayed at will.

The facelift aims to improve the appearance of sagging, wrinkles, furrows, etc.., thus giving a facial rejuvenation. The scars are permanent, although you becoming increasingly less visible over time. Until this occurs, resources cosmetics such as makeup and hair perfectly appropriate mask the inconvenience created by the recent scars.

In addition, each patient behaves differently from another (a), regarding the development of scars, but may in some cases, become virtually invisible. Pruritus (itching), burning or numbness may occur on the scars. This will be temporary and tend to disappear.

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