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Anesthesiology is the medical specialty that aims to allow for a surgical procedure without pain and most comfortable way possible for the patient. For this, the anesthesiologist uses techniques, drugs and equipment appropriate to keep all the organic balance of being humano.Todos patients should do pre-anesthetic consultation with your anesthesiologist who is usually in the hospital group. This consultation aims to:

1. The patient gets to know and relate to the anesthesiologist;
2. The anesthesiologist will make inquiries about the health of the patient in general anesthesia and directed by detecting possible changes that counter-indicate the type of surgery;
3. Doctor and patient can discuss the best anesthetic technique in question;
4. Relate to the anesthesiologist greatly decrease the level of anxiety which will only bring benefits to the surgery and recovery;
5. With all this will be demystified the anesthetic as a dangerous and fearful. Rather, it is a safe and reliable act.

Cancer of the skin

It is a proliferation of one type of skin cell. Depending on what cell we have the type of tumor. There are three most common tumors: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. They all begin in the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin.
Melanoma originates from any cell capable of producing melanin and may also occur in various organs. Is the skin cancer that more attacks may lead to death. Basal cell carcinoma is a tumor derived from the basal cells of the epidermis.

It is the most frequent and its root cause is the sun, so your preferred location is the face and other areas that are very exposed. Clinically, it presents more of a palpable tumor, high in the skin, staining perolácea and small blood vessels. You can start as a small wound with a crust that does not cicatriza.Carcinoma squamous basal cell is very similar to, but more aggressive, faster growing, invades and other structures and may cause distant metastases (elsewhere).

Former Obese

With the advances in surgery for many patients obesidademórbida became ex-obese and enjoy a great improvement in health and quality of life. However, now has as a consequence of obesity passed a large excess of skin usually located in the abdomen, back, thighs and arms. Too often this that causes discomfort to the patient due to hygiene problems and can even develop skin diseases, problems and difficulties of dressing with the image of esthetics. The most frequently performed surgeries are not associated or abdominoplasty liposuction of the abdomen, back, thighs and arms. What procedure can be performed depend on an evaluation of each case.


It's an injury, usually confined to skin, resulting from the application of heat to the body. Burns vary greatly in importance and severity, depending on the causative agent, which can be heated liquid, fire, alcohol, gasoline and kerosene incandescent bulbs, electricity, chemicals, etc.. Moreover, it is also very important time of contact with the body of this agent, the extent of the body affected and the time elapsed between the accident and first aid.
Sunburn is more common than that caused by hot liquids (water, milk, coffee, hot fat), usually at home and in the kitchen. Children, unfortunately, are the most involved in this type of accident. Second comes the accidents caused by alcohol burning. These are always serious and important and often occur in the barbecues, campfires, camping, etc.. Of equal importance, the burns caused by direct fire in the body deserve special care referral centers for care of burns victims.

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